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Promoting School of Multimedia Technology & Communication (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

This video informed us about School of Multimedia Technology & Communication at Universiti Utara Malaysia such as the facilities that this school have, the vision & mision and the programmes offered (undergraduate only).

The facilities that School of Multimedia Technology & Communication have is :-
  • Main office
  • Computer Lab
  • Animation Studio
  • Creative Corner
  • Canteen
  • Classroom with AC
  • Elevator
Vision & Mision
    " To be acclaimed as a premier management - oriented centre of excellence and reference in Multimedia Technology and Communication "

     " To become a premier centre that:
(i) Develops competent and proficient human capitals.
(ii) Generates research, innovative development, and policies;
in the fields of Multimedia Technology and Communication "

The Undergraduate Programmes Offered

There are two programmes offered by School of Multimedia Technology and Communication which is:
  • Postgraduate
For postgraduate programme, SMMTC offers two (2) modes of programme:

    •  Postgraduate by coursework / mixed mode
          Master of Science (Managerial Communication)

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STIV3013 : WWW Note (Week 1 | Introduction)

What is a WWW?
  • A concept, a set of protocols & a collection of software's
  • The universe of online information’s
  • Abbreviated as WWW and commonly known as the Web = a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet
  • Created with HTML language, Web pages can include text, pictures, sound clips, video, links for downloading software, and much more.
  • The Web is only one component of the Internet, although the terms are often (and mistakenly) interchanged.
 Differences between Internet &WWW?

 ... This is some part of what have we learned in the first class of STIV3013. In addition, we were informed about subject evaluation :-

Coursework           : 60 %
Mid Sem Exam     : 20%
Tutorials/ Quizzes : 15%
Project Indv.          : 25%
Design                   : 5%
Presentation           : 5%
Project                   : 15%
Final Exam            : 40%

Otherwise, we were informed that we will learn how to use PHP, CSS, MySQL, JavaSript & HTML. We will use some software such as:-

  • Text Editor
          ConTEXT or BlueFish: Both are full-featured editors
          with built-in HTML, CSS and JavaScript editor
  • HTML/ Web Design
          Dreamweaver: web design software
  • Web server
          WAMP (Apache, PHP & MySQL) or XAMPP:
          easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL,
          PHP and Perl.

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